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The effects of sexual abuse are complex. The solution is simple.

I believe that as a society we have become too complacent with sexual abuse. Sexual abuse has nothing to do with sexuality and intimacy, it is more about power, control, entitlement and humiliation. The abusers aren’t just the people who physically abuse someone, they are also the people who give the perpetrators victims to abuse, like those that know they have a paedophile in a church, and allow them access to children, and those that know about the abuse, but say nothing, supporting it to continue.

There are so many different types of sexual abuse. There is child sexual abuse, sexual harassment in the workplace, videoing someone naked without their consent, spouses who deceive their partner by having sex with someone else, and the ones who target married people, using sex to purposely and consciously break apart a family, abusing the spouse and changing the children forever. Then there are people who rape the elderly, who in this situation are defenceless. These acts are craziness. The perpetrators are so disconnected from their soul, from love that they have lowered their standards of integrity to a place where they have allowed themselves to become selfish and cruel.

I believe that it’s time to raise our standards so that abusing another is no longer acceptable. As a society, we can positively change how we treat each other, what we are willing to accept in our homes, workplaces, marriages, and from others, but most importantly from our selves. In the spirit of moving forward there are many things we can do to change our culture to be more loving and safe.

We can:
• Become responsible for our own healing. Learning ways to positively understand and process anger, anxiety, depression and trauma so that we do not negatively impact our self and others

• When you are feeling angry, sad or anxious you can write on a Journal ‘why am I upset’, and keep writing until you have all your negative emotions out on paper and some clarity as to why on a deep level you are feeling this way. It can really lighten the load.

• Provide a healing space for people who have been affected by sexual abuse so they can talk openly without fear of judgement
• Have a voice and do what we can to protect those who in the instance of being sexually abused have limited capacity to protect themselves
• Wake up with the intent each and every day to be LOVE, to give LOVE, and to receive LOVE – ONLY.

This will cause a ripple effect of love and I believe this is how we can stop the madness and heal ourselves and the world.

Have a bliss filled day
Brooke Xx

Connecting with the stillness within creates miracles

For me Spirituality is living consciously, and kindly in each and every moment. As I start the day I always take a moment to just sit quietly. I have a hot cup of freshly made decaffeinated coffee at hand. The aroma makes my heart sing. The taste so rewarding. As I sit listening to the spirit of life, the spirit of me, which is two of the same, I become more of me. I become aligned with my hearts desire. Who I truly am fills my life with grace. When I do this I notice the synchronicities that effortlessly occur. The simple miracles that bless my life. Although the lessons are still there to be learned, and their are challenges to be had, the struggle is released. I am free. So this day I find my bliss by taking the time to be centred in me, in my own peace, in my own life purpose.

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with many miracles.
Take care xo

‘I Believe You – How to Heal from Child Sexual Abuse’

Over the last 20 years I have worked with thousands of child and adult victims of CSA, both men and women. I’ve even worked with paedophiles to help understand why someone would want to do this, and how they get away with it. This has been to help myself and others heal, but also with intention of putting all my learning’s in a book.

My book ‘I Believe You – How to Heal from Child Sexual Abuse’, is based on my own experience of being abused, and 20 years of research on the subject. If you would like to read the book you are able to pre order it through my website (

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Wishing you the happiest of days, Brooke x

What I focus on becomes stronger

What I put my energy into becomes the focus of my life. With every breathe I have a choice. I can choose love or I can choose pain. Today I choose love. As I let go of all ill feelings towards my self and others I feel my body get lighter, my mind get clearer and my intuition get stronger. I am at peace. All decisions I make today will be from love. As I focus on love I attract more love into my life. As I focus on joy I experience more joy. For me to change my life, I don’t need to change other people. I simply need to go within and focus mentally, emotionally on what I want. Then if needed I take action in alignment with how I want my life to be. I take the time to write some more of my book because it’s important to me. I listen to my children and play joyfully with them because I want them to be happy, and its fun. I rest because thats what my body needs today. By focusing on what I want, and not on what I don’t want I find my bliss.

Have a wonderful day xo

Where is the finish line?

My dear friend Tracey Jewel talks candidly about the in-between stage’s in life, in her uplifting book, ‘Don’t mess with the Goddess’. I’m sitting deep in the in-between stage. It feels like I’ve been here forever. I have important goals, I put in the work, but I haven’t quite got what my heart dreams of yet. This is the time when it’s easy to give up. To walk away from our hearts yearning, just before the miracle occurs (or just before all our ground work pays off, depending on how you want to look at it).


So how do we keep the faith when the odds seem stacked against us, and progress is much slower than anticipated. We can stop, be still and listen to the calling of our heart. Is this what my heart truly wants? If your heart says yes, then we can ask ‘What do I need to do now?’, and do it.  Focusing on the present moment, on what we can do now helps keep us connected to life. If we are focusing on the past, and the future we miss out on the fullness of life because we are never present.


Tracey says whatever you are going through is a stage, and it won’t last forever. She suggests revelling in the uncertainty because it’s an opportunity to create all kinds of happiness. She suggests doing what you love and focusing on positivity. I think this is great advice, because the happier and more uplifted you are the more inspired you are going to be to keep moving forward, to keep trying, and to reach your creative potential.


So instead of crumbling to the anxiety of the unknown I’m going to take Tracey’s advice. I’m going to open my heart to the infinite possibilities of life and focus on love. I’m going to keep my faith, and with some hard work and a bit of surrender I know everything will work out in a way that transforms, stretches and heals me.


Have a blissful day xo


Breaking through the darkness

Today’s blog is probably the most personal one I’ve ever written. I’m taking out the skeletons for everyone to see. As I rip off this wall of protection to reveal a personal truth, I’m left feeling a bit naked. Will people judge me, or just as bad, will they not care at all. This is the risk we take when we show our underbelly. Read more

Sacred Woman Business

As my feet touched the sacred soil of Ubud, Bali for the first time, I could feel that my life was at a tipping point. Change was the only thing I was certain of, and it was time to embrace it. Quite excitement filled me as I thought about the possibilities for my life. I looked around to see the women I would be sharing a home with for the next week. Some I knew, and some I was meeting for the first time. Each women unique and special in their own way.

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The Start of Domestic Violence

When children are abused their boundaries of protection have been ignored. I believe we develop our core beliefs about relationships when we are young children. At this age we are like sponges absorbing information from all our experiences. When someone’s boundaries have been ignored at such a young age they can think abusive behaviours are more normal then they are. I’m not saying they like, or deserve abuse. I am saying it can be familiar. This familiarity can mean they are attracted to relationships and situations that reinforce their painful experiences in childhood. Many adults who have been abused in childhood end up in domestic violent or rejecting relationships. You don’t have to be hit to be abused. It can happen if you are put down, threatened, controlled, yelled at, or someone is mean to you. Read more

An Evening with Oprah

I went to the Oprah Winfery show during the week. She was so inspirational. What stood out was the way she walked her talk with every step and breath she made. She describes how from a young age she learnt to go within and listen for that inner voice of wisdom to tell her what to do. The adults in her life had their own journey. They didn’t see her self worth. Rather then taking on their negative beliefs she took the time to listen to herself. She said if she needed help she would get quite, cry, pray, and listen. I love this.

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Inner Pilgrimage

Spiritually, the time between Christmas and the New Year is a very busy time for me. It’s when I go on my inner pilgrimage. I go within and evaluate the year gone by. I look at my successes and failures. Lessons that I’ve been happy to learn, and those that I hope I won’t need to learn again. I look at my relationships and the quality of love I have given and received. After some reflection, meditation and prayer, I turn my attention to the year to come. What do I want to achieve this year.?What is my heart calling for? How do I want to feel at the end of next year when I’m doing my inner pilgrimage? Who will be with me? As I contemplate the possibilities I am filled with excitement. What will I create?

So today I find my bliss by taking the time to process and honour the year gone by. Then with the power of big lessons learnt I focus my attention on my life purpose. From the core of my soul I make decisions on what actions to take to propel this inner and outer bliss. Happy Christmas xo Read more

The effects of sexual abuse are complex. The solution is simple.

I believe that as a society we have become too complacent with sexual abuse. Sexual abuse has nothing to do with sexuality …

Connecting with the stillness within creates miracles

For me Spirituality is living consciously, and kindly in each and every moment. As I start the day I always take a moment …

‘I Believe You – How to Heal from Child Sexual Abuse’

Over the last 20 years I have worked with thousands of child and adult victims of CSA, both men and women. I’ve even worked …