The purpose of Brooke’s blog is to share helpful tips and tools for inner exploration.

Create Your Vision

I’ve started the new year by creating may annual vision board. It inspires me to reach for the stars and focus on what’s most important to me. I’ve filled it with images that inspire me to be my best, achieve my heart goals, and live life blissfully. I keep it close to me. It’s so full of uplifting images and quotes that I can’t help but feel good just by looking at it. As I daze at it, it feels like I’m doing a quick manifestation visualisation.

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The Push and Pull of Receiving

Does anybody else find it easier to give than to receive? Or do you find yourself always giving a bit more? I do. This week I’ve been writing a chapter in my book on self esteem. Usually when I write I’ll get some kind of a lesson come up for me. I was a bit nervous about this chapter because I had a feeling there would be a lesson to consider…. and of course there was. I have many balanced friendships. Many of which started in childhood. Somehow though I always seem to attract the occasional friend who will want me to fix their life, or will expect me to be there emotionally for them, but when I express my feelings they are not important. Usually the subject is changed back to the other persons life, or I’m just ignored completely.  If I mention that I’m feeling hurt by something in the friendship, I’m met with a lot of anger, and no acknowledgement about how I’m feeling.

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The Ripple Effect of Love

Everytime we help another person we are helping humanity. My heart dream is for the world to heal. It probably sounds a little grandiose when I say it like that, but we can do this. By being a good person, and by being kind to others we start a ripple effect of good. Without doing anything over the top we can literally change the world into a better place. Today I find my bliss by celebrating small kindnesses. Have a wonderful day xo

Fixing Drama

When there’s drama in my life I know that I’m out of balance. I don’t sit around doing the blame game (at least not for very long ….) Instead I go within and look for answers to my problems. I sit still with no noise, I meditate, I write everything out in my journal, I hang in nature, I reflect. When it all gets too much instead of focusing on a solution, or trying to fix a problem I try to love myself. Some days I have to fake it until I make it. But when I take the time to be kind to myself, and restore myself I find that positive solutions come easily. I’m not reacting out of fear or anger. I’m listening to my heart, and then I’m honouring my heart by taking action. So today I find my bliss by letting go of big life decisions, and I go within where my peace is. Have a wonderful day xo

Happiness Now

The key to happiness is enjoying your life as it is. The glass half full person is always going to be much happy then the person who focuses on what they don’t have. We have a chance to be happy in each present moment no matter what is happening in our life. The past is over, the future hasn’t happened yet and is open to change. What we have is now. When we focus on building happy moments right now, life becomes bliss. So today I find my bliss by appreciating all the small moments of beauty and love in my life. Have a wonderful day xo

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