‘I Believe You’ – ‘How to Heal from Child Sexual Abuse’

This book was written to help put a stop to the cycle of child sexual abuse and to help victims get their power back.

If you are a man or a woman who was sexually abused as a child you are not alone. Many people who have been sexually abused as children keep what’s happened to them a secret, carrying around the pain and injustice of what they have been through. This book will help you understand and process what you have been through, giving you encouragement and support to help you heal, and create the fulfilling, happy life you have always wanted.

'I Believe You – How to Heal from Child Sexual Abuse' offers insights into:

  1. The cycle of child sexual abuse – Why it keeps happening within families and communities
  2. The personality profile of a paedophile – What motivates someone to sexually abuse a child
  3. The long term impact -How it affects our self esteem, relationships, and our physical, emotional and spiritual well being
  4. How to heal - Create the life of your happiest dreams - and then some !!

In understanding what has happened to us, we are free to let go of pain, making room for love and happiness to enter our life. Life isn’t about survival. It’s to be enjoyed.

Brooke hopes this book helps you feel understood, acknowledged, and inspires you to live the amazing life you deserve.


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'I Believe You' is a wonderful book for both childhood sexual assault survivors and practitioners helping these people alike. Reading it feels genuine and from the heart of the writer and it is filled with positive mantras that can be turned to in times of need. The book outlines understanding and meaning from early trauma that often negatively pervades survivor's lives, though also offers hope in the form of strategies to aid healing.

Tristan Abba
BPsych MPsych
Registered Psychologist

The best book on child sexual abuse I have read.

Rose Reilly
BPsych HonPsych
Registered Psychologist

The effects of sexual abuse are complex. The solution is simple.

I believe that as a society we have become too complacent with sexual abuse. Sexual abuse has nothing to do with sexuality …

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‘I Believe You – How to Heal from Child Sexual Abuse’

Over the last 20 years I have worked with thousands of child and adult victims of CSA, both men and women. I’ve even worked …