Ebook ‘I Believe You’ – How to Heal from Child Sexual Abuse


This book was written to help put a stop to the cycle of child sexual abuse and to help victims get their power back. So many people who have been through their walk of life in silent shame, masking their hidden heartbreak. Victims have nothing to feel ashamed of, because they were innocent children who did nothing wrong. As adults, they deserve to speak out about their experience, if they choose, and to have access to the things that will facilitate their healing.

Brookes book highlights the methods paedophiles use to keep their victims silent. Not the least of which is fear, shame and poor self-esteem.

The book is comprised of three pivotal sections:

1. What is child sexual abuse
2. How it happens (grooming)
3. How to heal from it

In understanding what has happened to us, we are free to let go of pain, making room for love and happiness to enter our life. Life isn’t about survival. It’s to be enjoyed.

Brooke hope’s this book helps you feel understood, acknowledged, and inspires you to live the amazing life you deserve.



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