About Brooke

Brooke is a Registered Psychologist and has 30 years clinical experience. She has worked with a number of government agencies, in private practice, and for NGO’s. Brooke is on the Expert Advisory Group for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services. Brooke has a special interest in PTSD, Child Sexual Abuse, Trauma Recovery, Forensic Psychology and Personality Profiling.

Brookes Mission

Brooke’s mission is to support people who have experienced significant trauma. In understanding how trauma can impact our overall wellbeing, nervous system, hypervigilance, sleep, and sense of safety, we have a greater capacity to recover. No matter what you have been through, or what you are going through, everybody has the capacity to live a meaningful, happy life.


  • Bachelor of Arts/Psychology – Macquarie University, Sydney
  • Postgraduate Degree in Psychology – Curtin University, Perth
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling – Australian Catholic University, Sydney


Over the past thirty years Brooke has had the privilege of helping thousands of people transform their lives into their version of happy.

Brooke has worked with people who have experienced accumulative trauma, child sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, phobias, ADHD, social difficulties, addictions, sexuality and intimacy challenges, relationship, family and anger issues, parenting struggles, intellectual impairment and more.

Brooke has worked with various mental health programs, community and government agencies. Brooke has enjoyed being the Lead Psychologist for a program that assists current or previously serving Defense personal, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Ambulance officers who have work related PTSD. Brooke is on the Expert Advisory Committe for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Brooke has extensive experience in individual, and child counselling. She enjoys creating and running workshops, seminars, and support groups on a variety of mental health issues and self-help topics.

Brooke has had her own successful Psychology Practice and loved the creativity and freedom of this.

Let me help you, help others

Brooke is an inspirational public speaker, with a passion for education and training, and is able to tailor transformative talks, seminars and workshops to meet your needs.

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