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The effects of sexual abuse are complex. The solution is simple.

I believe that as a society we have become too complacent with sexual abuse. Sexual abuse has nothing to do with sexuality and intimacy, it is more about power, control, entitlement and humiliation. The abusers aren’t just the people who physically abuse someone, they are also the people who give the perpetrators victims to abuse, like those that know they have a paedophile in a church, and allow them access to children, and those that know about the abuse, but say nothing, supporting it to continue.

There are so many different types of sexual abuse. There is child sexual abuse, sexual harassment in the workplace, videoing someone naked without their consent, spouses who deceive their partner by having sex with someone else, and the ones who target married people, using sex to purposely and consciously break apart a family, abusing the spouse and changing the children forever. Then there are people who rape the elderly, who in this situation are defenceless. These acts are craziness. The perpetrators are so disconnected from their soul, from love that they have lowered their standards of integrity to a place where they have allowed themselves to become selfish and cruel.

I believe that it’s time to raise our standards so that abusing another is no longer acceptable. As a society, we can positively change how we treat each other, what we are willing to accept in our homes, workplaces, marriages, and from others, but most importantly from our selves. In the spirit of moving forward there are many things we can do to change our culture to be more loving and safe.

We can:
• Become responsible for our own healing. Learning ways to positively understand and process anger, anxiety, depression and trauma so that we do not negatively impact our self and others

• When you are feeling angry, sad or anxious you can write on a Journal ‘why am I upset’, and keep writing until you have all your negative emotions out on paper and some clarity as to why on a deep level you are feeling this way. It can really lighten the load.

• Provide a healing space for people who have been affected by sexual abuse so they can talk openly without fear of judgement
• Have a voice and do what we can to protect those who in the instance of being sexually abused have limited capacity to protect themselves
• Wake up with the intent each and every day to be LOVE, to give LOVE, and to receive LOVE – ONLY.

This will cause a ripple effect of love and I believe this is how we can stop the madness and heal ourselves and the world.

Have a bliss filled day
Brooke Xx

Fixing Drama

When there’s drama in my life I know that I’m out of balance. I don’t sit around doing the blame game (at least not for very long ….) Instead I go within and look for answers to my problems. I sit still with no noise, I meditate, I write everything out in my journal, I hang in nature, I reflect. When it all gets too much instead of focusing on a solution, or trying to fix a problem I try to love myself. Some days I have to fake it until I make it. But when I take the time to be kind to myself, and restore myself I find that positive solutions come easily. I’m not reacting out of fear or anger. I’m listening to my heart, and then I’m honouring my heart by taking action. So today I find my bliss by letting go of big life decisions, and I go within where my peace is. Have a wonderful day xo

The effects of sexual abuse are complex. The solution is simple.

I believe that as a society we have become too complacent with sexual abuse. Sexual abuse has nothing to do with sexuality …

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