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What I focus on becomes stronger

What I put my energy into becomes the focus of my life. With every breathe I have a choice. I can choose love or I can choose pain. Today I choose love. As I let go of all ill feelings towards my self and others I feel my body get lighter, my mind get clearer and my intuition get stronger. I am at peace. All decisions I make today will be from love. As I focus on love I attract more love into my life. As I focus on joy I experience more joy. For me to change my life, I don’t need to change other people. I simply need to go within and focus mentally, emotionally on what I want. Then if needed I take action in alignment with how I want my life to be. I take the time to write some more of my book because it’s important to me. I listen to my children and play joyfully with them because I want them to be happy, and its fun. I rest because thats what my body needs today. By focusing on what I want, and not on what I don’t want I find my bliss.

Have a wonderful day xo

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