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The Start of Domestic Violence

When children are abused their boundaries of protection have been ignored. I believe we develop our core beliefs about relationships when we are young children. At this age we are like sponges absorbing information from all our experiences. When someone’s boundaries have been ignored at such a young age they can think abusive behaviours are more normal then they are. I’m not saying they like, or deserve abuse. I am saying it can be familiar. This familiarity can mean they are attracted to relationships and situations that reinforce their painful experiences in childhood. Many adults who have been abused in childhood end up in domestic violent or rejecting relationships. You don’t have to be hit to be abused. It can happen if you are put down, threatened, controlled, yelled at, or someone is mean to you.

Everyone deserves to be in safe, respectful relationships. Today I find my bliss by ending all conflicts with love. If this isn’t possible, I chose to let the other person live their life as they see fit …. as I walk away. Take care and have a wonderful day xo

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